Yesterday my homie Mic Terror dropped his album Fresh Prince Of Darkness I attended the listening release party at The Hard Rock Hotel in Chicago hosted by Hustle Simmons it was a epic event.

Opening highlights included sets by The Cool Kids, Caleb James, Taylor Bennett and St Millie.

Mic Terror took the stage with hype set performing Get Off My Dick, 15 Minutes and more off the debut album just before bringing out his fellow Treated Crew Brothers to perform Mr Take Ya Bitch, Official, Whip, N Words and B words and All Black were just some of the songs performed.
The stage was full of energy as they switched from verse to verse with a different rapper on the mic, definitely kept it interesting engaging and entertaining to watch. Mic Terror Mano, Holt, Gzus Piece, Sulaiman, Lee Majorz, Jon James, Show You Suck, Highlife Dre , Nick Jr, Caleb James, St Millie, Manny Muscles Were some of the crew to bless the stage during the performance.
It was a good show! The crowds energy was a bit weak! But you know how fans are these days they make all the noise online not in person. Too cool for school you might say… Haha! Overall I enjoyed myself and the show my Treated Crew Family put on for all of us.

Thanks for reading!
Sorry everyone is not pictured.